The Best PTC sites!

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NeoBux - Obviously this has to be the number one PTC site, with nearly $21,000,000 paid out to members this is bar far the most stable. This website revolutionized the PTC industry and showed PTC users there are sustainable websites out there. I believe NeoBux is a registered company, and they ALWAYS pay out instantly. If you haven't signed up yet click the banner below and do it!

Payment Proofs: $10,23, $29,02, $2.001,93, $351,72

TheClickers - TheClickers is a pay to click site that was started in December of 2007. It currently has 62,265 members and is growing everyday. It is listed as one of the fastest paying pay to click sites in existence. Being Paypal certified shows that they do pay on time and do have an excellent reputation.

Payment Proofs: $8,00, $10,35, $12,73

onBux - This is a brand new PTC website and is looking very promising. They have used a lot of the features you can find in NeoBux like instant payment and the fact they are a registered business. Along with the features in NeoBux they also reward members in their forums for their activity, with Golden membership, referrals and renting balance. Click the banner below and sign up straight away!

Payment Proofs: $23,49, $11,57, $15,78

Cashium - Cashium is a BRAND new PTC site with a trusted admin. The site belongs to a team of professionals and is currently in beta phase, meaning the full features are not available yet. It's the most expected PTC site (BUX) for more than 2 months. Users here earn money for their activities. Script is coded from stratch by taking PTC users advices, you will find many unique features here. If you bored with accustomed PTC sites you are in the right place to earn money safely.

Payment Proofs: $23,54, $7,61, $6,81

Getting Started With PTC

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If you don't already know, PTC is one of the easiest ways you can make money online. If you put enough time into it, you can be making a lot of money every day, and it can turn into a good stream of extra income. It is by no means a "get rich quick" method and there are a fair few scam sites out there so you have to be careful and join trusted ones such as NeoBux. Below is the things you will need in order to start using PTC sites:

1. You need either an AlertPay or PayPal account. Both would be good as some sites only accept one or the other. You can get either of these accounts by clicking on the names above. Now you have these accounts you are able to receive, and make payments (only necessary if you want to invest).

2. Sign up to as many PTC sites you would like to. You can start off with just a few and then sign up for more if you want to. The best ones to start off can be found on this blog, they are registered businesses and offer Instant Payments to members.

3. You can now start to make money by clicking on adverts. Most sites will pay $0.01 per click. Yes this isn't a lot at all, the best way to make make money from PTC's is by referring other members. You will also get paid for each click your referrals make.

To put this in perspective you if you click on four adverts that's $0.04. Then if you have 50 referrals who click 4 ads a day and you get $0.01 for each ad they click, you make $2.00 and that's without doing anything other than clicking 4 adverts. Get more referrals and if they click on more than 4 ads, you can see how it ads up...

4. Remember to stay active by clicking all of the adverts each day and you will soon be earning enough to buy something you want.